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ADG (Australian Doctor’s Group)

At ADG, we specialise in creating digital marketing solutions that engage Australian healthcare professionals, working in partnership with you to deliver the right message and channel strategy to reach and engage your target audience.

Whether you are looking for lead generation to support your face-to-face sales teams, brand awareness to support the launch of a new product, increase HCP engagement via 24/7 digital marketing campaigns that deliver national reach, or bespoke messaging via highly targeted campaigns, we can help.

As the number one independent medical platform, for over 40 years ADG, through Australian Doctor and its other leading brands, have kept doctors informed with independent news, opinion, clinical features and CPD-accredited education.
Why is this important?
We believe doctors are one of the cornerstones of the Australian health system, and recognise that quality care is a major determinant of the health & wellbeing of a society. We acknowledge the challenges faced by doctors, and use our voice to enhance the work and lives of all doctors and their patients. By harnessing the combined knowledge and commitment of the medical and pharmaceutical community, and building on a foundation of trust and knowledge, we believe in enabling and empowering healthcare professionals to provide the best healthcare and practice great medicine to help Australians live healthier, longer lives.

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