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Bring insights together, delight customers and introduce platform capabilities.

The argument has raged on for years. Despite legitimate compliance concerns, a more integrated approach between commercial and medical is now desirable and achievable, unequivocally. Customers demand joined-up thinking, and we have no excuses.

Imagine a future with a single source of customer truth. Imagine a place where the individual strengths of commercial and medical teams give rise to a powerful entity that is so much more than the sum of their parts. A world where both scientific acumen and market intelligence come together.
Achieving this is about more than just mindset. It requires a unifying data fabric,and then we must raise our ambitions to that of an automation-native strategy, effortlessly switching between workflows, leveraging the potency of RPA and AI, getting systems to talk to each other - whilst maintaining human control. Only then can we achieve a holistic vision of how we improve both standard of care and customer satisfaction.

This webinar goes beyond internal efficiency. It’s focus is on how to best utilise a collective pool of insights to transform the way decisions are made and the impact on customer value.

Join us to explore the future of commercial-medical collaboration and how it unlocks previously unknown capabilities.


Susie Barnes, Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Head of Specialty Care - GSK

Pieter de Muynck, Commercial Head, BeLux - Kite Pharma

Lisa Cannarella, Global Industry Lead - Life Sciences - Appian

Harsh Gandhi, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Japan - AstraZeneca

Paul Simms, Chief Executive - Impatient Health


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