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Organiser: CELforPharma

The United States is the largest national pharmaceutical market, making up over 40% of total pharmaceutical spending worldwide. Understanding the managed care ecosystems and stakeholders in the US is thus critical knowledge for all managers involved in the global launch of any pharmaceutical.

The US pharmaceutical market is just as complex and diverse as European health systems, with unique payer drivers and pricing and access decision-making differing significantly across market segments.  As a set of highly dynamic systems, it is also important to understand the impact of events like the Inflation Reduction Act and Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency on commercialisation in this major market.

So, to ensure you are ready to navigate your company/brands towards successful commercial launch in the US, a first step is to grasp the fundamental structure and dynamics of US market access. Secondly, you need to foresee the potential routes to successful market access and how to deal with the most common market access challenges.

This course will give you all of that in just 1 day! You will have the unique opportunity to ask your specific questions to 2 outstanding market access experts, and also learn a lot from your international peers in the course.

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