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The ONLY Thought Leader Liaison-focused event in the Pharma industry is coming back for it’s 4th Edition!

The 4th Thought Leader Liaison Engagement Summit is the only conference that focuses entirely on the TLL/Regional Marketing role within the Pharmaceutical industry. Emphasizing on TLL strategies, using of technology and enhancing HCP engagement across the board, in advisory boards, speaker programs in a compliant manner and the KOL-DOL strategizing and prioritizing, learning from established TLL teams and their successful implementation of new tactics.


  • Learn and implement different metrics for measuring the success of your KOL interactions and to benchmark against other TLLs
  • Craft effective TLL Business Planning and Development that secures cross-functional effective collaboration for the overall success of the company
  • Explore different tools and ways to work with your KOLs and DOLs, learn best practices on how the industry is managing its interactions
  • Find innovative ways to keep HCPs engaged and interested in your speaker programs
  • Understand the compliance and ethics considerations for TLLs on their internal and external interactions and engagement to guarantee successful engagement
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