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Gaps between current capabilities and future accountability are becoming apparent as we encounter limitations in tools, personnel, and strategy. Medical affairs is evolving to foster better collaboration internally with marketing and commercial teams while also providing value-based engagement as the primary scientific face of the pharma industry.

With changing legislation and stricter access to end-users, we need a compelling value proposition more than ever to justify our leading role in strategic planning. To not only survive but thrive, what capabilities must medical leaders develop to guide the pharma in overcoming critical business challenges?

In this webinar, leaders from Biocon, Sanofi, Takeda and Bayer will share their vision for what Medical Affairs teams need to evolve to take the leading role in future pharma and truly champion scientific values for physicians and patients.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Evaluate the current functions overlap and anticipate predictable challenges to address limitations in technology, capabilities, and working methods.
  • Utilize real-world feedback to optimize the impact of scientific narratives on achieving launch excellence.
  • Implement integrated KPIs and an impact matrix to equip a diverse field workforce.
  • Plan early with unified goal and lead pipeline strategy for commercial success.
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