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Organiser: MAPS

The Medical Affairs landscape is rapidly evolving, demanding field medical teams to engage with a wide range of stakeholders. MSLs are expected to handle over 350 interactions annually and manage numerous stakeholders, a number which continues to rise. However, simply increasing interaction numbers without addressing associated challenges like reaching out to the right stakeholders or gaining access to them is ineffective. It’s crucial for organizations to acknowledge and tackle these obstacles effectively. By doing so, they can redefine engagement strategies, ensuring meaningful interactions tailored to stakeholders’ needs. This approach will allow organizations to move beyond mere volume-based metrics, focusing instead on the genuine productivity and impact of their field medical teams. Over the course of time, this will also lead to better relationships being developed with key scientific stakeholders.

This on-demand webinar discusses the current focus on volume-based metrics as a measure and will also help the participants understand some key considerations around volume-based metrics while redefining the industry thinking on this important topic.

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