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Organiser: CELforPharma

Learn how to strategically identify, map, plan for, and engage with KOLs for short and long term success – Know how to align your KOL priorities with your Medical or Brand plan, and how to meet the needs of your internal and external stakeholders – Acquire tools and knowledge to make your KOL management impactful and with purpose.

Course presented by:

Maaike Addicks, MD

Why You Should Attend

A critical role of the Medical Affairs function is to engage with external stakeholders, in particular all healthcare providers (HCPs) who can have an impact on the success of a pharma/medtech product. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) would typically include influential scientific and/or clinical thought leaders, but can also include other healthcare providers, depending on the product’s lifecycle stage and therapeutic area. “KOL management” is often not strategically planned in advance, as it is easy to fall into the trap of only working with a static and select group of important KOLs that are easy to work with. Without a thought-through pro-active planning process, the regular activities and interactions with KOLs can easily become a goal in itself. If you apply “strategic KOL management”, the KOLs you will work with, and how you will work with them, will ensure you optimally address the strategic needs of your products, as set in the Medical/Brand Plan.

The Content: This course is both strategic and very pragmatic. Since a product’s critical success factors change as it progresses through its lifecycle, what you need from your KOL network changes too, almost every year. This course will equip you with handy tools that will enable you to pro-actively plan your most effective KOL network and the mix of interactions that will optimally support the strategic goals of your products.

The Expert: As an independent Medical Affairs consultant, Maaike has advised and coached many Medical Affairs departments since 2017. She also “lived” the function, with 15 years of experience fulfilling many different roles in the field of Medical Affairs, both on a local and international level. As a former leader in the Medical Department, she is very familiar with the expectations and challenges of MSLs and Medical Advisors, the issues they encounter and how to address them. Maaike is a passionate trainer, an excellent moderator and strongly believes in using interaction to increase knowledge and skills.


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