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Organiser: NEXT Pharma

Feed the AI engine with your objectives, audience characteristics, preferred channels, tone-of-voice, and concrete examples of what success looks like to you. With this information, you’re off to a great start when creating new content with the assistance of GenAI, whether you’re utilizing ChatGPT, Gemini, or a custom pharma solution like Arcane.

GenAI is revolutionizing content creation. As a result, we’re producing more content, faster, and with greater adaptability for different purposes and needs. But how do we maximize its potential? How do we ensure our audiences access content when and how they want it? And how can we scale its application effectively? Join us for this webinar as we delve into best practices for automating HCP engagement at scale.


  • How AI is transforming content requirements
  • How HCPs and patients benefit from scaling and automating engagement
  • Practical methods for automating engagement (and how to avoid emotional storytelling gets lost in the process)
  • Case examples: Successful campaigns, projects, and tools
  • Showcase: Real-world examples of HCP engagement automation in action


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