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This weeks guest is Jeff Vaughan, Director, North America Field Medical Science at Inizio Engage discusses Rethinking for Success: Top 10 Lessons for Embracing the MSL mindset through insights from Adam Grant’s “Think Again”.

This episode is sponsored Inizio Engage, a commercialization and strategic engagement partner for the healthcare industry, delivering solutions to meet the needs of patients, providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies to improve the treatment experience and outcomes. Inizio creates personalized, impactful experiences and delivers an average of 5 million engagements annually across all healthcare stakeholders.

Jeff shares…

👉 Who is Adam Grant and why is this an important book 👉 What are the main areas where MSLs can “rethink” their way to success 👉 How does the book help with KOL development and relationships   👉 How to use psychological safety and embracing uncertainty in your MSL role 👉 How to be an expert “negotiator” according to Adam Grant

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