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We started something in 2023. Tired of the usual monochrome, sterile pharma conferences, we decided to make a stronger impact on our industry. The theory was simple: by hosting a space where usually ‘isolated’ creative and innovative minds could find each other, we stand a chance of sparking a more ambitious revolution in pharma. With a commitment to not just listen but to act, we set out to deconstruct and then reconstruct our industry over the course of two days.

In 2024, we’re doing it again, but harder and faster.

For the Impatient

Pharmageddon is for the disruptors, the weirdos, the rebels and the outliers. Sometimes those people are senior leaders, but sometimes they’re junior. It is for those who don’t accept the current status, who think our industry is young and full of potential. Those who see a brighter future and are driven to get there.

Whether you’re an EVP or an EA, a service provider or a patient, an HCP or part of the media, you’re welcome so long as you’re willing to get your sleeves rolled up.

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