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How individual aspiration is driving stronger company performance.

When Pfizer scrambled to pull together a Covid vaccine in record time, what was the most important success factor?

Was it the science? Was it the distribution? The decision-making?

Of course, all of these were essential. But ask Albert Bourla, the man in charge, and he’ll tell you that the biggest difference was instilling a purpose-driven culture: “Companies that stay true to their purpose perform far better than those that do not.”

The huge urgency of Covid was something that channelled the mind. It made defining a purpose very easy. But outside a pandemic, in normal times, how do we instil a similarly strong culture? How do we find, and harness, the motivation and raison d’etre for every employee? And how do we do it now?

The evidence is solid and abundant: being purpose-driven isn't just great for our own well-being, but it's a game-changer for our organizations and the people we serve. We know that, across companies, our ranks are filled with good people with good intentions. However our desire to improve patient outcomes is not being properly channelled, and our many skills are being under-utilized. Igniting the power of purpose can unlock potential.

Hear from inspirational leaders:

  • How they dug deep to re-ignite their connection to their purpose (despite the rainy days)
  • What difference it made for them, their team, their organizations
  • How they inspire their teams to collaborate around purpose
  • How purpose is connected to business outcomes and going home happier!

This webinar is for you—the pharma professional striving to go home happier, eager to empower yourself to be more engaged and inspiring, ultimately serving HCPs, your companies—and, most importantly, patients.

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