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The life sciences industry is in a constant state of advancement, bringing more and more groundbreaking medicines, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative solutions to market. Amidst these rapid changes, patients remain at the heart of these scientific developments.

Envision Pharma are excited to share their latest collaboration with Envision's Strategic Consulting Patient Advocacy with Jasmine Patel, MPH, Envision the Patient with Amanda Boughey, and Founder of 5KforJK/Envision Marketing Advisor Jessica Krauser.

At Envision, we're setting a new standard by embedding patient engagement deeply into our drug development process. This isn't just best practice – it's our practice, driving a 19% higher success rate in market launches. By aligning closely with EMA and FDA engagement guidelines, we ensure our therapies not only meet regulatory paths but also truly resonate with patient needs – and that also means listening to them at every step along the way.

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