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Organiser: HLTH

About this Meeting:

Patient engagement is important in the digital health context for maximising value and improving health outcomes for patients. For digital health developers, successful patient engagement can drive innovation resulting in better market positioning, improved user experience,  and sustained business growth.

By involving patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers in the development of digital health solutions, we can ensure that the solution meets the real needs of the people using them. This collaborative approach helps in creating user-friendly designs, increasing data sharing, and ultimately leading to better adoption rates, adherence and higher trust in the process.

Through continuous learning loops and inclusive processes, we can foster increasing patient engagement and ensure that the solutions are feasible, relevant, and focused on patient outcomes.

Join us for this meeting where we will team up with Patients Focused Medicines Development (PFMD), a global multistakeholder collaborative non-competitive coalition to improve global health by co-designing the future of healthcare for patients WITH patients.

Together, we’ll further discuss the subtle nuances of patient engagement in the development of digital health solutions:

  • How can we use technology and patient engagement to design effective patient experiences in digital health solutions?
  • How can we better collaborate with all stakeholders, including patients and healthcare providers, to ensure the utilisation of digital solutions and platforms?
  • What challenges have you encountered when working to integrate the patient voice in digital solution development?
  • Are you leveraging any innovative technologies or approaches when drawing insights from patient experience data and/or working with patient communities to uncover unmet needs?
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