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What is NEXT Pharma Summit?

It’s a 2-day multistage conference dedicated to people passionate about Pharma and all around Digital, Commercial, Medical Affairs, Tech and more. At NEXT we understand that pharma is shaping and redefining it’s purpose due the heavy transformation process, and we want to lead, inspire and cheer about it, and ask a simple question: Where to NEXT?


Kris Sterkens - Ronízia Moura - Bartosz Bednarz - Doina Ionescu - Dr Alan McDougall - Cristiana Caldarelli - Stefan König - Marco Andre - Liselle Mulcaire - Helene Maria Slee - Davidek Herron - Maja Beilmann-Schramm - John Wahba - Emma Vitalini  - Julien Pahud - Kate Bradford - Michelle Bridenbaker - Danilo Pagano - Maja Galic - Patrick Markt-Niederreiter - Zeinab Sulaiman - Florent Edouard - Adela Schulz - Sam Pinner


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