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Are your non-promotional medical teams 'promoting' – and is this okay?

The activities companies choose to have their medical teams conduct are usually highly dependent on what is considered a promotional or non-promotional activity. On paper, this seems easy enough to define, but in reality there are many grey areas on what the ABPI Code considers promotional.

The definition of ‘promotion’ in the Code itself doesn't help. Your job title doesn't protect you from the PMCPA labelling you promotional, it's what you do that actually matters. Find out all you need to know in this must-attend 60-minute masterclass for LSAA members with Dr Lisa McCluskey.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Combine Code wording and guidance with real cases and scenarios to help you better identify activities that could be considered promotional (and why)
  • Consider whether medical teams are best placed to undertake some activities even if they are technically 'promotional'
  • Highlight how activities can be conducted in a truly non-promotional manner
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