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In this webinar, we take a new look at the responsibilities and roles within medical affairs—including evidence generation, KOL engagement, information dissemination and authentic HCP engagement—and reimagine a systems-based rethink of how it will operate several years from today.

We'll explore AI's capability to dynamically analyse real-world data, providing deeper, actionable insights that can significantly shorten the cycle from evidence to practice. Discuss AI-driven platforms that refine KOL identification and engagement, enabling more personalised and impactful interactions. Delve into how AI can revolutionise medical information delivery, making it more accessible and tailored to HCPs' needs, thereby enhancing decision-making and patient care.

Additionally, we'll touch on the potential for AI in MLR and compliance, ensuring that as content volumes increase and become more modular, we remain streamlined whilst remaining within global and local guidance.

This session aims to go beyond the theoretical, offering a concrete vision of how AI can redefine every facet of medical work: more efficient, effective, and inspiring the scientific future of pharma.

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