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Organiser: MAPS

The online webinar titled “Medical Operations: Making the Strategy Work” will delve into the critical aspects of how medical operations are instrumental in realizing overall medical strategy.

The webinar will highlight the role of medical operations as an innovation hub, showcasing its significance in driving advancements within Medical Affairs. Additionally, the session will emphasize the importance of collaborative partnerships across the entire company, illustrating how such collaborations enable the achievement of better patient outcomes.

Attendees can expect valuable insights into the strategic functions of medical operations and how they contribute to the overall success of Medical Affairs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the Medical Operations function and its Integration in Medical Strategy: Learn how medical operations play a pivotal role in realizing and implementing the broader medical strategy. Gain insights into the specific functions and contributions of medical operations to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their strategic importance.
  2. Explore Medical Operations as an Innovation Hub: Delve into the role of medical operations as an innovation hub within Medical Affairs. Discover how it fosters a culture of innovation, drives technological advancements, and contributes to the continuous improvement of medical practices, ensuring attendees grasp the transformative potential within Medical Affairs.
  3. Appreciate the Value of Cross-Functional Collaboration: Recognize the significance of collaborative partnerships across different facets of the company to enhance outcomes. Understand how effective communication and cooperation between various stakeholders within the organization contribute to achieving better results.
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