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"It is essential for us to move forward to make sure that the end user knows that we understand their experience, and that we're trying to solve for it." says Shalini Mohan, Head of Health Equity & Inclusive Research, U.S. Medical Affairs at Genentech.

Due to the fast pace of innovation in pharma and the agility required to translate value of therapeutics to HCPs, medcomm leaders are quickly becoming a vital tool in connecting and building meaningful relationships with customers.

To navigate the evolving role of medcomm, Reuters Events Pharma in partnership with HCG and industry experts from Takeda, GSK, Novartis and Genentech explored how the landscape has recently changed and what pharma can do to adapt its approach toward improving processes medcomm roles require.

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Industry leading contributors include:

  • Shalini Mohan, Head of Health Equity & Inclusive Research, U.S. Medical Affairs, Genentech
  • Sarah Strattman, Head of Global Medical Communications, Takeda
  • Gayle Kenney, Global Scientific Communication Engagement & Medical Information Excellence Head, Novartis
  • John Wahba, Medical Head of the Global Digital Hub, GSK
  • Matt D'Auria, Chief Executive Officer, HCG
  • Temi Folaranmi, Vice President & Head U.S. Medical and Clinical Affairs, Vaccines, GSK
  • Jan-Willem van Doorn, President, Health Science Communications, HCG
  • Gregory Imber, Chief Engagement Officer, HCG

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