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Organiser: MSL Mastery

Jamie, a recent PhD graduate, was over the moon when she received her first invitation for an MSL interview. However, her excitement quickly turned to anxiety as she sat in front of her computer, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information about the company. Hours turned into days as she went down endless rabbit holes of research, unsure of what was essential and what wasn't. Despite spending hours researching the company, she entered the interview feeling unprepared and scattered. She left the interview feeling like she didn't handle the questions about why she wants to work for this company well and unfortunately, did not get the job.

Jamie’s experience is a common one. The MSL market is a jungle and preparation is the golden ticket. As an aspiring MSL, one of the most critical steps you can take before an interview is conducting thorough company research. This preparation can set you apart from other candidates. Here’s why company research is your secret weapon...

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