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Organiser: IQVIA

Real World Evidence. Real Results.

Real World Evidence (RWE) is delivering value to multiple stakeholders, not only post-approval but across the lifecycle of treatments. Innovation plays a key role in generating fit-for-purpose RWE and driving efficiencies and effectiveness across functions including clinical, Medical Affairs, and commercial. Growing evidence needs and expectations from patients and HCPs drive innovation in traditional research approaches. Regulatory bodies continue to issue new guidance around the use of RWE, paving the way for more technology-enabled approaches to evidence generation and dissemination. This means that it is essential to understand the value and evolving use cases of RWE. ​

Attend our virtual conference to learn about recent innovations in RWE and Medical Affairs, including: ​

  • Utilizing Clinical Outcome Assessments to generate patient experience data ​
  • Centering your Real World Studies around the patient experience ​
  • Improving patient outcomes with AI and Gen AI applied to RWD
  • Exploring the JCA implementation in practical terms​
  • Discussion around what’s next for RWE generation in vaccines
  • Sharing best practices for RWE integration in Medical Affairs

Join our upcoming conference to learn how you can develop and utilize the right RWE approach to meet your stakeholders’ needs with confidence.


If you are in Japan or Asia-Pacific, click here to view the tailored agenda and register for the event in your time zone.

You are welcome to join or replay the 12 different sessions airing in both the JAPAC and Americas/EMEA auditoriums.

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