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In this episode of Talking HealthTech, host Peter Birch chats with Dr Rob Pearlman, founder of MedApps, at the Digital Health Festival 2024. They explore the MedApp platform, which enhances orientation and onboarding for hospital staff, especially junior doctors and nurses.

Dr Pearlman shares insights about the MedApps evolution, its impact on healthcare settings, and his dual role as a clinician and developer.

Key Takeaways:

  • MedApp Overview:  MedApp improves orientation and onboarding for hospital staff, aiming to boost engagement and retention.
  • Integration and Scalability: The platform is adaptable and has been successfully integrated across various hospital departments, showcasing its scalability. With a strong focus on user feedback, MedApp continually evolves to meet its users’ needs.
  • Real-World Implementation: MedApp has been successfully implemented in emergency departments and regional hospitals, saving time and improving staff retention.

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