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Even though Pfizer’s customers prefer face-to-face, most of their engagement is digital, writes Clifford Fram, director of partnerships and innovation at adg.

Claire Edgerton’s morning fix is to check the data. She likes to know what content and channels Pfizer’s customers are engaging with – what they’re reading, what they’re watching and what they’re searching for. These insights on an individual level makes Pfizer’s customer data meaningful and usable.

Claire is the Patient Healthcare Experience Lead at Pfizer Australia and a driving force behind the digital transformation of the Australian pharmaceutical industry. With 26 years of leadership experience across sales, marketing, innovation and other Pfizer business units, her current mission is to keep her colleagues aligned in an omnichannel orbit around the customer.

She works closely with colleague Susie Diacopoulos, Pfizer Australia’s Omnichannel Insights Specialist. Susie started her digital journey at Qantas, where she spent 17 years as a CRM pioneer. With a further seven years at Blackmores. She’s experienced enough to remember the days when customers thought you were smart if you sent them an email tailored to their airline loyalty status.

Claire and Susie generously gave their time to speak to Inside Healthcare about their approach to pharmaceutical marketing in an omnichannel world.

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