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These systems have the potential to enhance diagnostic accuracy, treatment planning, and overall patient care, analysing vast amounts of medical data, identifying patterns, and providing quick insights. However, the algorithms powering GenAI Doctors are only as reliable as the data they are trained on, and biases within that data may inadvertently impact their recommendations. Moreover, the ethical implications of decision-making by algorithms and the lack of human intuition and empathy are areas of ongoing debate. While GenAI Doctors can be valuable tools, building trust in their capabilities requires transparent algorithms, rigorous testing, and ongoing human oversight to ensure they prioritise patient well-being and adhere to ethical standards. Join your peers to discuss the future use of generative AI doctors, specifically:

  • How do we ensure transparency and accountability in the development of GenAI Doctors to address concerns about the reliability of the algorithms and potential biases?
  • What ethical considerations should be taken into account to strike a balance between leveraging the capabilities of AI in healthcare and maintaining the human element in healthcare?
  • How can we ensure ongoing robust oversight and validation of the recommendations provided by GenAI Doctors?
We would like to remind you that our meetings are small and intimate sessions with a limited number of seats available, therefore we rely on your attendance and participation to ensure a high quality and valuable meeting for all. If you are confirmed for this meeting we ask if you can please ensure your attendance on the day.
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