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Organiser: NEXT Pharma

Medical Affairs. The nobel department of Pharma where articulating the science is key.

Nowadays we see that many Pharma commercial traditional processes have been implemented in Medical Affairs.

Furthermore, it makes us think if Commercial is being downsized, and medical affairs commercializing? One of the major segments in Medical Affairs and where it generated a lot of hype is the implementation of Omnichannel.

Unlocking Medical Affairs' full potential based on rich HCP insights and delivering meaningful science articulation sounds like a perfect playground for Omnichannel.

Meet the panelists:

- Carlos Eid - Executive Medical Director - Cardiovascular at Novartis

- Michelle Bridenbaker - Medical Information Leader in Europe and VP at MILE

- Sam Pinner - Director EU Digital Transformation at GSK

- John Wahba - Senior Director, Global Medical Affairs at Gilead and Kite Oncology

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