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Organiser: The MSL

As widely described in several reports, from time to time Field Medical members face ‘new challenges’ to be handled that could be considered a kind of back to the basics or, as already named – ‘bottom line’ activities. Recent publications have been describing the expected shifts in terms of Medical Affairs activities, related to Field Medical topics, in the upcoming two (i.e., 2025) to seven (i.e.,2030) years. ‘New understandings’, ‘broadening stakeholder exchanges’, ‘rethinking’, ‘new analytic abilities/capabilities’, ‘communication skills in the language of value’, ‘strategic influence’, ‘performance management’, ‘ability to address clinical, humanistic, and economic factors’, ‘empowerment of societal decision-making’ are expressions and/or topics broadly used for this new Medical Affairs era, which ultimately will shape truly differentiated Field Medical teams.

Hence, beyond the ‘traditional’ and quite well-known role of activities performed by Field Medical/MSLs members, the inclusion of new issues related to the decision-making process, access to new technologies, economic, and regulatory trends, the transition from a (most of the time) executional field medical actor to a more strategic planner, is a need, shortening this near future to the present day. Our company is requiring Medical Affairs members to be an active player in the empowerment of societal decisions, related to topics such as access, health equity-diversity-inclusion, clinical guidelines, outcomes, Health Technology Assessment, and patient-centricity.


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