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Organiser: IQVIA

In Episode 6 of our Health Data Passport Series, we venture to Poland to explore how to use Real World Data to make sophisticated patient-centric decisions.

Discover how Poland’s Longitudinal Prescription Data (LRx) drives the ability to track patients across the healthcare ecosystem. With 36M unique patients sourced from over 6,800 pharmacies and 180k unique physicians and specialists, gain a competitive advantage by understanding market changes, and developing a deeper understanding of product efficacy, patient journeys, and prescriber behaviors.

Additionally, let's explore the potential of the emerging Hospital Panel Data (HPD), which enables us to conduct comprehensive analyses of diagnoses, treatments, patient demographics, facility types, drug programs, and medication administration in Polish hospitals.

Key takeaways include:

  • Learn how Longitudinal Prescription Data (LRx) tracks individual anonymized patients across the healthcare ecosystem to create an insightful picture of drug consumption dynamics and the patient journey.
  • See how LRx can provide insight into commercial performance management, physician and payer communication, patient behavior, and therapeutic outcomes.
  • Experience how AIML solutions combined with Real World Data improve commercial effectiveness. 

Continue along our world tour. Follow the Health Data Passport Webinar Series.

Throughout this 12-month series, IQVIA experts will guide you on a world tour to discover global data across many disease states. Together we will explore how to gain rich insights rapidly and easily through case studies and demos of innovative software. 

Speakers include:


If you cannot attend the live webinar (10 AM EDT, 4 PM CEST), the webinar recording will be sent to all registrants so that you can watch it on-demand.

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