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We are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar Elevating HCP Education Through Independent Channels. This webinar promises a deep dive into the importance of independent channels in enhancing the educational value for HCPs, which, as we recognize, is paramount in achieving optimal patient care and clinical outcomes. Take part in this insightful dialogue and network with peers and industry leaders.

Join us on April 4, 2024: 4pm CET/10am EDT as we discuss:

• Credible Content: Address the challenges HCPs face in finding reliable and relevant medical education materials.

• Pharmaceutical Industry's Role: The crucial role of pharmaceutical companies in HCP education, covering their responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges in providing educational content.

• Collaborative Efforts: The importance of partnership between pharmaceutical companies, publishers, and societies to produce and deliver independent, trustworthy, and useful medical education programs for HCPs.

• Ensuring Quality and Independence: The role of medical societies in maintaining the quality and independence of HCP education and the integration of evidence-based practices to improve patient care.

Can't make it? Register and get access to all content which will be available on-demand.


Dr. Margot Savoy: Senior Vice President, Education, Inclusiveness and Physician Well-Being, AAFP

Dr. Bartosz Lukowski: Global Medical Affairs Lead Immuno-Dermatology, UCB

Eva Nagtegaal: Senior IME Business Lead, Wiley

Geoff Covey: Associate Director of IME, Wiley

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