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We are delighted to present Graphite’s research whitepaper for 2024 — and this year we are able to share the challenges and priorities that digital leaders are finding, in this most interesting of seasons.

The pharma industry is not known for its openness. We hope that through this report, by sharing what’s really going on, we can encourage better conversations, and maybe, just maybe, greater collaboration.

The theme that our data uncovered is connectivity; the central promise of digital channels and platforms, empowering interactions with healthcare professionals, patients, and brands — yet as investment in digital infrastructure continues to increase, and commitment to omnichannel strategies becomes more prevalent, this year’s findings indicate that these strategies are falling short of delivering their anticipated benefits.

Yet, there are encouraging signs. There is an almost universal appreciation for enhancing user experience within digital health solutions, moreover, a surprising number of respondents report actively engaging in user research. This engagement, we believe, indicates a shift towards more empathetic and user-focused healthcare solutions, and as far as we’re concerned, is far more likely to yield the results that people need. We hope you find it useful, and we look forward to hearing from you with your reflections.


Based on new research with digital decision-makers from leading pharma organisations, we highlight the need for increased connection across the pharma sector — linking data with actionable insights, joining up internal teams, improving interactions between end users and providers, connecting digital systems and platforms, and aligning long-term goals with short-term priorities.

Drawing on the survey data, as well as expert opinions from Andrew Binns, Sarah C., Paul Simms and others, we explore how pharma teams can overcome challenges to achieve success with their digital solutions and strategies.

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