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Organiser: CREATION.co

Do you have a list of Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) in Lung Cancer and don’t know where to start? Are you struggling with identifying opportunities of how you can engage and support your DOLs effectively?

Drawing from analysis into the online healthcare professional (eHCP) conversation in the competitive lung cancer space we will show you the DOL activation journey from start to finish and highlight ideas on how to identify, engage and activate your DOLs.

Mary Kangley, Health Insight Consultant, has analysed the online Lung Cancer conversation from HCPs to understand their needs, opinions and behaviours in this space.

Drawing from the fresh insights uncovered, and the stakeholders involved, our Principal Consultant, Anni Neumann, will discuss the real life scenarios and opportunities within Lung Cancer for compliant engagement, and the ideal DOLs to partner with.

The research will:

    • Reveal insights from eHCPs’ lung cancer conversations and engagement online.
    • Highlight the level of global conversation and give market specific insights within EU5, BENELUX and Asian markets.
    • Unpack compliant DOL engagement opportunities.
    • Identify the influential online HCP voices you need to be aware of.
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