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Despite the US spending significantly more than others on digital tools, healthcare in its current state is failing patients with outcomes ranking last among high-income countries. Now patients are taking a stand against poor care experiences, electing to depart from service providers that don’t meet expectations, plunging these stagnant organizations into the red.

You must provide nothing less than optimal patient first care solutions and personalized care delivery via digital health to ensure you financially deliver for stakeholders and remain competitive. Your success depends upon your ability to scale and embed transformative technology across your organization - from AI tools which streamline workflows to expanded self-service and highly personalized RPM solutions.

Reuters Events: Digital Health 2024 is where 300+ digital leaders from Health Systems, Payers, Pharma, Health Tech, and Policy Makers will unite to realize the vast potential of patient centric, digitally enabled care and reap the financial and reputational rewards.

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