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Creating a successful European HTA system to accelerate patient's access

With the implementation of the EU HTA Regulation around the corner, this year’s DIA HTA Forum changed gears. While previous editions were focused on aligning opinions and sharing perspectives about the need and content of the HTA Regulation, the 2024 edition will be dedicated to pragmatic aspects of its implementation. With the attendance of HTA body representatives from various Member States, patient representatives and clinicians, this meeting will provide all stakeholders a space to discuss practical aspects of the HTA-R implementation and share their current learnings and viewpoint.

This Forum provides a neutral platform for the various stakeholders to discuss the several aspects that should be put into practice to create a successful European system that goes beyond the union of current national practices and focuses on the joint work and accomplishes the primary goal of the EU HTA Regulation – contributing to faster patient access.

Featured topics

  • HTA Regulation implementation: moving forward beyond implementing Acts.
  • Building a new EU-level system: joint work, resourcing, and capacity.
  • Evidence generation that can inform the decisions of all partners along the product lifecycle.
  • Contributing to faster patient access.
  • JCA: experience, expectations, and potential impact for evidence generation plans.
  • JSA: overcoming challenges moving forward.
  • Joint clinical assessment - how the engagement of stakeholders may support decision-making.
  • PICO simulation case study – aligning values, differences, and solutions.

Learning objectives

Goals of the Forum:

    • Discuss various strategic elements related to the implementation of the EU HTA Regulation from the European Commission, EMA, Member States HTA Coordination Group, Industry, Patients’, Clinicians’, and Member States’ perspectives.
    • Provide an opportunity to ask the burning questions that will inform internal company’s preparedness and discussions, such as inter-department preparedness (e.g. HTA, Regulatory and Clinical Development) or future methodologies and processes for the Joint Clinical Assessment (JCA)
    • Assist in navigating the on-going and future policy discussions.
    • Give insights into the work of Heads of HTA Agencies and European Commission’s Member State Coordination Group on HTA, and their expected activities for 2025.
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