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In March 2024, Envision Pharma Group held a Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) Americas Roundtable where leaders engaged in direct discussions to recalibrate the role of science in commercialization strategies. They addressed the critical importance of integrating robust scientific understanding into the commercial journey, pinpointing the need for medical affairs to take the helm in defining and communicating the commercial value of healthcare innovations. 

The increasing focus on specialized clinical value is compelling companies to meet evolving market needs in the commercialization process, including:  

  • Communicating deep scientific value: Articulating the complex science behind new therapies is now fundamental in demonstrating product worth to stakeholders 
  • Early payer engagement: Initiating dialogue with payers early is essential to shape the clinical narrative and communication strategy that resonates with payer requirements 
  • Clinical trial design advisory: Providing expert guidance on clinical trial design ensures products are well positioned to meet payer expectations right from the development stage 
  • Bridging medical affairs and value access: Acting as a strategic conduit between medical affairs and market access teams to streamline the journey from product development to patient delivery.

In the context of an ever-greater emphasis on science within the realm of commercialization, medical affairs leaders are stepping up to assume new levels of responsibility. The roundtable served as a critical platform for leaders to engage through the lens of practical, on-the-ground experience – aimed at gaining a clear understanding of the collective viewpoint on the evolving role of medical affairs and fostering a productive exchange on current challenges and barriers. 

Contributors include:


Facilitated by: Angus Bromley and Dominic Marasco, Envision Pharma Group


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