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Historically, ‘volume’ metrics such as frequency, activity and impressions have dominated medical teams, everyone looking to justify investment in their roles through a frenetic work rate. But we all know volume is largely irrelevant - it's time for a shift from volume to value.

Firstly, we must examine the gap between HCP needs and our own aims. Are we really listening to customer preferences and acting on them? Or is there still a disconnect? We’ll show you the truth of what’s happening, with some new findings from EPG Health that will be undoubtedly impactful on your approach.

Then we must challenge outdated engagement approaches and adopt content formats for channels that align with modern day HCP demands and behaviours. We’ll discuss key tactics that will enable this to finally happen.

And we’ll discuss how medical can embrace engagement: knowing the value and impact of key channels as well as ensuring a seamless customer experience no matter where interaction occurs. This of course must include independent portals as HCPs’ preferred source of content.

We’ll also cover:

  • Rethinking KPIs and metrics in a value-driven medical landscape
  • Smarter storytelling: harnessing the art of great narratives
  • Techniques for scientific influence borrowed from consumer industries

Join us on an enlightening journey, as we unfold the metamorphosis from volume to value.

Together, let's make this shift and leave a lasting mark in customers’ minds and, most importantly, the standard of care.


Tomasz Piotrowski, Ben Gallarda, Jonathan Macdonald, Emma Booth, Heather Moses, Arvashni Seeripat, Paul Simms

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