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How to build an innovative content and MLR ecosystem through technology and process design.

In a world which is trying to combine the innovative power of new AI technology with the fundamental principles of marketing and behavioural psychology, we are about to experience a new wave of change around marketing and content. A wave that will go further beyond any digital transformation we’ve experienced thus far.

The webinar will explore the importance of compliance in enabling companies as they reshape the way we manage content, and build a software ecosystem that allows us to do just that. To be clear, we’re looking for better customer engagement, smarter communication and real influence.
It’s an exciting journey, delving into process design to improve content management and optimise MLR workflow. We will discuss the practicality of AI in navigating compliance complexities while enabling reactive, targeted content delivery. Join us as we unpack the tools, strategies, and thinking required to elevate customer engagement and improve influence, both internally and externally.

Rav Seeruthun, Founder & Chief Medical Officer - Health-Equity.ai

Marie-Christine Toupin, Associate Director, Global Material Review and Content Operations - AbbVie

Rina Newton, ABPI Code & Compliance Expert

Joe DiCapite, Director of Strategy, UK & Europe - Vodori

Paul Simms, Chief Executive- Impatient Health

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