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The MSL of the Year Awards by the Medical Science Liaison Society aims to celebrate exceptional MSL professionals and their achievements across the healthcare industry. Held during the Annual MSL Society conference, the ceremony is a platform for MSLs who exhibit excellence in their role as Medical Science Liaisons.

Nominees will be presented and winners will be announced during the Awards Night on September 4th, 2024, on the 12th Annual MSL Society Conference in Miami. By recognizing the best in the profession, the MSL of the Year Awards serve to highlight MSL excellence and innovation, and inspire MSLs to continue furthering a community of global professionals dedicated to the advancement of healthcare.

IMPORTANT: For this year, we want you to celebrate your own achievements and personal growth! For the 2024 MSL of the Year Awards we only accept self-nominations, as a way to recognize all your hard work for the MSL profession.

To win an MSL of the Year Award is an honorable recognition that can catapult an MSL’s career, as it provides recognition from colleagues, stakeholders, and industry leaders. Furthermore, the recognition is proof of the awardee’s commitment and dedication to the MSL profession, as well as their impact on the field. Moreover, the winners serve as role models that highlight the important role of MSLs as agents of scientific exchange between the pharmaceutical industry and KOLs, which ultimately improves patient outcomes.

  • MSL Rookie of the year (USA)
  • MSL Rookie of the year (Outside USA)
  • MSL Rookie manager of the year (USA)
  • MSL Rookie manager of the year (Outside USA)
  • MSL of the year (USA)
  • MSL of the year (Outside USA)
  • MSL manager of the year (USA)
  • MSL manager of the year (Outside USA)


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