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Organiser: The MSL

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are under unprecedented pressure to gather actionable insights from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). This task has increasingly grown in importance over the last several years as pharmaceutical companies rely heavily on the nuanced expertise and perspectives that KOLs provide. These insights are vital in shaping drug development, uncovering new indications, informing market access strategies, and ultimately enhancing patient care. Reflecting this increased pressure, a 2024 global survey conducted by the Medical Science Liaison Society revealed that an astounding 91% of MSLs, MSL leaders, and executives, reported that there has been significantly increased pressure on MSLs to gather Actionable Insights from KOLs/HCPs. This not only highlights the escalating expectations placed on MSLs but also demonstrates the urgent need for a sophisticated, structured approach to insight gathering.

Responding to this need, A few years ago, the MSL Society developed the first and only comprehensive MSL training program for Gathering Insights, based on extensive research, including numerous surveys and an analysis of best practices derived from thousands of responses from MSLs and MSL leaders. This data-driven approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of what strategies are most effective. This program has garnered widespread recognition and has been utilized across the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology sectors, serving as a foundation for MSLs striving to meet the heightened pressure to gather actionable insights.

Author(s): Samuel Dyer, PhD

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